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GRAPHENE is the ultimate backup for your Perfect Key. It is made of high quality stainless steel that withstands extreme temperatures, water, corrosion and shocks.

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Resilient against the forces of nature
Forget paper wallets. Nothing so resilient as high quality stainless steel. Temperatures up to 1375°C (2507°F) mean nothing to GRAPHENE. Neither do water floods, corrosion, shocks, and well, practically anything else.
Split your backup in two undecipherable parts
Benefit from the double security layer by storing and safeguarding each plate separately. If someone finds one of the plates, they will not be able to read your NGRAVE Perfect Key.
A backup of your backup without third party risk
We have added an “Ultimate Recovery Code” just in case you would lose your upper plate. Each upper plate configuration is unique and personal, and can be recovered in case of loss. As NGRAVE (or any other third party) has no information on your lower plate, your secret key remains safe.
Additional Lower Plate
Make extra backups by punching your key into multiple lower plates. The upper plate can be recovered by NGRAVE but not the lower plate. We recommend making at least one additional backup.

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