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Cryptosteel Cassette


The classic design that established the offline metal backup market provides a lightweight and portable solution while being incredibly durable and secure.

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What is the Cryptosteel Cassette?

The Cryptosteel Cassette is the product that started it all and established the market for offline metal wallets. The Cassette is a pocket-sized stainless steel unit designed to securely store the alphanumeric data of your choosing with no need for specialised tools or third-party involvement. Each device comes with its own kit of stainless steel tiles engraved on each side.

Why do I need a Cryptosteel Cassette?

Codes and passwords are assembled manually from the supplied part-random set of characters. You can store up to 96 characters worth of confidential information quickly, guaranteeing the safety and privacy of your data. Once a desired sequence is locked into your Cassette, it essentially gains the status of offline permanence, featuring resistance to physical damage, including fire, flooding, corrosive conditions, electric shock and impact from accidents.

How does the Cassette work?

The Cassette comes with more than 250 stainless steel letter tiles, engraved on both sides. You can manually assemble the first four letters of each word of your recovery seed from the included set of tiles by sliding each tile into the cassette. Each word of a BIP39-compatible recovery seed can be identified from those first four letters. No extra tools needed.

No third-party involvement is ever required and gives the user the power to protect their information.

Technical Specification

Casette size: 106 x 60 x 60 mm
Package weight: 455 grams
Cassette and tiles made of AISI 304
Tiles consist of all capital letters from the Latin alphabet (From A-Z)
Specification: PS-1-2016
Declaration of Conformity: CE-1-2016


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