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Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

Give your sensitive data the security of solid steel. The solid metal device has been designed to survive nearly any extreme conditions, giving you the peace of mind that your personal data has the safety it deserves.

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Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

The capsule features adjustable separators, offers more capacity – 123 instead of 96 characters most other solutions provide – and comes with a full ASCII-character-set supporting random passwords with numbers and symbols. All of the characters are deeply stamped into the tiles to provide maximum longevity. This means that the capsule can securely store a random password without separators, an unabbreviated 12-word mnemonic seed, or the first four letters of a mnemonic seed made up of 25 word phrases.

What is the Cryptosteel Capsule?

You can think of the Capsule as the mother of all backups: a stainless steel physical backup tool for your recovery seed and other private data, without any third-party involvement. Its innovative design means that whatever you store is accessible to you without being visible at first glance.
Shockproof, waterproof, and fireproof in temperatures up to 1400 °C/2500 °F.

Why do I need a Capsule?

If you have private information to store and protect, then you need a Capsule. Instead of storing valuable data on a fragile piece of paper that could easily be destroyed or lost, you can store it in a solid metal Capsule. Store passwords, recovery seeds, recovery shares, and more.

How does the Capsule work?

The kit comes with a randomized set of 800 tiles that include all printable ASCII characters which are deeply stamped into the tiles to provide maximum longevity. Store up to 123 characters by stacking the character tiles and separators on the core and then secure with a stainless steel fastener.

Shamir Backup Support

The usual approach to protecting digital assets is redundant backups, but when the asset itself is of significant value and high liquidity, there is a substantial risk of a backup custodian absconding with the asset. The cryptographic secret-sharing scheme created by Adi Shamir is an ingenious way to help protect data.

How Shamir’s secret sharing works?

Shamir’s secret-sharing provides a better mechanism for backing up secrets by distributing custodianship among a number of trusted parties in a manner that can prevent loss even if one or a few of those parties become compromised.
The scheme allows you to split your recovery seed backup into multiple independent parts called shares.You may shield important information using Shamir Backup, which is supported by the Capsule.
The master secret that you are protecting might never be compromised even in cases of aggressive acts including but not limited to theft, bribery, vandalism and violence where the knowledge of fewer than the required number of shares is discovered.

Technical Specification

Capsule size: 102 x 16 mm
Package weight: 515 grams
Material: Stainless steel
Shell made of AISI 303
Core, separators, fasteners and character tiles made of AISI 304
Packaging includes all printable ASCII characters (96 different characters)
Product Specification: PS-1-2019
Declaration of Conformity: CE-1-2019

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