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Coldcard Q1


The COLDCARD Q1 is the higher-end COLDCARD you’ve always dreamed about. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, a larger LCD screen that’s easy to read, a real QR scanner and much more! The Q1 uses exactly the same security model as the Mk4 COLDCARD, with dual multi-vendor secure elements.

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Effortless BIP-39 Passphrase Entry & Dedicated Function Keys

With a full QWERTY keyboard, entering your BIP-39 passphrase has never been easier to type in. The addition of dedicated function keys streamlines submenu navigation, NFC compatibility, QR code decoding, and even a built-in flashlight for optimal scanning in low-light conditions.

Superior Display with QR Code Accessibility

With a colored LCD screen featuring 9 times more pixels than the Mk4, text readability and QR code accessibility have been elevated to new heights. This improvement ensures compatibility with even the most basic scanning devices.

Convenient Data Storage & Backup

Enjoy the convenience of our push-pull design for easily handling the microSD cards. It makes creating backups and transfiguring data a breeze. Keep your unsigned and signed transactions separate with ease and streamline backup operations with two accessible MicroSD slots.

Power Independence & Air-gapping

Powered by USB-C, or alternatively with 3x AAA batteries, the Q1 offers a useful new power option never before seen on a Coinkite product.

For added security as air gapped device, both USB data and NFC data can be permanently disabled by cutting specific PCB traces, ensuring your data remains secure at all times.

The QR code decoder on the Q1 boasts bright LED lights, ensuring optimal scanning even in low-light conditions. Data communication is done over simple 2-wire serial port connection, preventing any malicious incursions.

Convenient Data Storage & Backup

Enjoy the convenience of a push-pull design and extended hanging mechanism, making data storage and retrieval effortless. Keep your unsigned and signed transactions separate with ease, and streamline backup operations and file transfers with these two accessible slots. Say goodbye to the hassle of battery removal and hello to a more efficient self-custody experience with the COLDCARD Q1.

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