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Bitcoin for beginners

Author: Gualtiero Favole

The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrencies and Diversifying Your Portfolio

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Kindle, Paperback

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If you want to learn how to invest in bitcoin, then keep reading

Have you ever wanted to get into the investing world? Have you heard about bitcoin, but have no idea how is actually works? Have you wondered where to go or how to get started with using a digital currency to invest? The world of cryptocurrencies and how they function can be confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for someone who does not have computer science knowledge; the investing world can be just as confusing. With bitcoin’s growth in popularity comes a wave of people wishing to gain some of the benefits bitcoin can offer. In such a competitive atmosphere, it can feel nearly impossible to get involved in a successful way. If you are looking for a starting off point where you can learn about cryptocurrency, investing, and how to combine the two to make a profit, Bitcoin for Beginners is for you. By applying the knowledge gained from this book, new investors can take charge of their financial success.

Bitcoin for Beginners is a comprehensive guide for beginner bitcoin users. After reading this book, new investors will be ready to start their bitcoin investment journey. Bitcoin for Beginners will explain what a cryptocurrency is as well as go over the history of bitcoin specifically. The book will also introduce the world of investing and the different options people have when starting an investment journey. Some of these topics include the importance of using a financial advisor or broker for new investors, the types of investments that are available for people, the means to securing investments, and how to create a long-term investment plan that will result in financial gain over an extended period of time. Bitcoin for Beginners will also highlight the importance of investors educating themselves about all things investing, including how to establish financial goals, how to understand an investor’s current financial health, and how to make financial choices that benefit an investor in the present and in the future. The last chapter includes a compiled list of tips for new investors all about using bitcoin as a financial investment asset.

Information in this book will allow readers to:

  • Learn about the history of cryptocurrencies, including a brief overview of the genesis of bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Gain a better understanding of cryptography and how computer programming has affected the digital world.
  • Get a basic understanding of all things dealing with cryptocurrencies and digital cash.
  • Learn how to invest in stocks to turn a profit by using bitcoin.
  • Learn and understand important knowledge surrounding the financial world and the different types of investments a person can obtain ranging, from stocks, bonds, funds, and real estate.
  • Find out how to work with financial experts, such as financial advisors and brokers, in order to have the best experience when investing.
  • Go step by step to create a specific investment plan that fits your life and needs.
  • Get helpful tips for beginning your bitcoin journey.
  • Know how to follow financial markets in order to predict future outcomes of investment securities.


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